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Your PlacementDost Internship

Congratulations on Your PlacementDost Internship!

Welcome to your internship journey with high-quality, real-world data sets. If you’re here, it’s time to dive into your chosen project. Here’s a quick guide:

Your Project Download:

Below, you’ll find the project file corresponding to your application. Select your project, click “Download,” and you’re set to begin.

The 30-Day Challenge:

You’ve got 30 days to shine. This is your opportunity to learn, innovate, and build a standout portfolio.

Submission Reminder:

Watch for an email with a submission link as your internship nears completion. Showcase your work and dedication to stand out.

Game DevelopmentDownload
Data ScienceDownload
Data AnalysisDownload
Python ProgrammingDownload
R ProgrammingDownload
Big Data EngineeringDownload
Machine LearningDownload
3D ModelingDownload
Basic Web DevelopmentDownload
Mobile Application DevelopmentDownload
UI / UX DesigningDownload
Full Stack DevelopmentDownload
Your PlacementDost Internship

We’re Here to Help:

If you have questions or need guidance, reach out. We’re here to support your success.

Best of Luck:

Let’s get started! Make the most of this internship and create something amazing. Select your Internship, download, and happy working! You need to complete the projects and follow the guidelines in the problem statement PDF, which you will find inside the zip files.

Contact us at for any support.